Fixed Wire Testing

It is essential It to carry out regular fixed wire testing, assessing systems (and services) that conduct electricity through hard wiring around installations. GWP Electrical offers a cinplete fixed wire testing service which is a  series of laborious visual checks and electrical tests on items such as socket outlets, lighting, panels, air conditioners, fixed plants and distribution boards.

When carrying out these tests our engineers rely on both the information of previous tests and the circuit labelling to identify all systems in an installation. This exercise requires careful planning and time management, and we therefore, carry it out outside of normal working hours since it causes disruption on the site. After completion, the results should be documented in the Electrical Installation Condition Report. Any dangerous conditions should be fixed immediately.

Why do I need regular Fixed Wire Testing services?

Electrical Testing is crucial since installations deteriorate with time. This could be due to factors such as excessive electrical loading, corrosion, environmental influences, wear and tear and damage. Electricity in North Wales can pose an invisible danger that may lead to severe burns, shocks, death and fires and explosions that destroy property. However, such dangers can be abated by having a proper schedule of inspecting and Electrical Testing. The assessment report is particularly important as it outlines the condition of a given electrical installation. Through the report, we reveal any overloaded circuits, inadequate wiring or broken sockets and potential risk of electric shock or fire. Indeed, the 1974 Act on Health and Safety at Work places a statutory legal duty on all employers to every person under their jurisdiction is protected from health and safety risks.

What are the Fixed Wire Testing Intervals?

This refers to the frequency of periodic inspection and testing which entails assessing the type of installation, usage and operation, interval and quality of maintenance as well as the external influences to which it is exposed. It helps in establishing whether the condition of installations guarantees continued use. An Electrical Condition report is issued after every testing interval. The Health and Safety Act outlines various timelines for inspecting different installations; 1 year for a swimming pool, 3 years for a caravan, 5 years for a rented home and 10 years for an owner-occupied home. We have a team of competent and registered electricians in North Wales that capable of conducting Electrical Testing. They do this in strict adherence of the UK standard Requirements for Electrical Installations; BS 7671.